Can i pin multiple comments on youtube?

Buford Medhurst asked a question: Can i pin multiple comments on youtube?
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If I want to pin another user's comment, is it only for the person who uploaded the video or for normal followers? ... You can only have one comment pinned at a time on each video.

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Today's quick tutorial will show you how to pin comments on YouTube easily. Pinning comments can be used for many things, including highlighting an awesome c...

You can also pin comments to the top of the feed, which lets you highlight what comment your fans see first when watching your video. You can either pin your own comment, or a fan comment. Pinning your own comment is a great way to: Clarify something from your video; Ask your audience a specific question; Tease a specific moment or easter egg

YouTube will let users pin comments to promote better discussions. New, 10 comments… YouTube can’t make you use your real name, but it can give channel owners better anti-harassment tools.

As a YouTube creator, you can pin a comment to the top of your YouTube video's “Comments” section. This will help your viewers to see the best comment when viewing your video. You can pin your own comment or another user's comment.

To pin the message, tap or click Pin . Note: You can only pin one message at a time. To replace a pinned message, simply pin another message. To unpin a message, click More on a pinned message and tap Unpin. Create a live poll. Channel owners can create and manage live polls on their streams and Premieres. Once someone votes, they cannot change ...

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