Can i hide what i watch on youtube?

Valentin Hoeger asked a question: Can i hide what i watch on youtube?
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On the History page, open the menu, and then tap the “History Settings” button. Scroll down to the History & Privacy section and activate the “Pause Watch History” option. You can also activate the “Pause Search History” option here to prevent YouTube from collecting your search history.


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💻 When i watch youtube videos my toolbar doesn't hide?

People have reported some quick fixes for the taskbar showing in fullscreen. While the taskbar is showing in fullscreen, right-click on a taskbar icon (application, network status, volume, etc.) ... This can be done by exiting fullscreen, then clicking on the show desktop button in the taskbar twice.

💻 Did youtube hide dislikes?

YouTube is currently testing the removal of public dislike counts in response to creator feedback. Users on social media, however, are claiming without evidence that this test function is because the Biden administration requested the tech giant to do so… YouTube told Reuters via email that the claim is false.

💻 What happens when you hide youtube channel?

How do you delete your YouTube channel?

  • Click on the top right corner icon and select “Settings”. In a web browser on your YouTube page, your profile picture...
  • Click “View Advanced Settings” and select “Delete Channel”. The option to delete your channel is fairly deep in the...
  • Choose “Permanently Delete” rather than “Hide”. The following screen will give you the...

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Furthermore, if you would like to clear your search history completely, click on your account icon and select “Privacy -> Clear search history.” If you primarily watch YouTube through your web browser, you can still prevent YouTube from spying on you.

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But you still need to remove the previous videos you watched from your YouTube history. Remove YouTube Watch History. You can remove your previous history from the same page: Find and click on Manage activity. On the left menu, click on Delete by activity. Click on All time and Delete. This will permanently delete all your YouTube history from ...

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What happens if i hide my youtube channel temporarily?
  • Hide your channel temporarily You can hide content from your YouTube channel and choose to re-enable it later. When you hide content, your channel name, videos, likes, subscriptions, and subscribers will be made private. All your comments and replies will be permanently deleted. Your account data on other Google properties will not be removed.
What happens when i hide comment on youtube 2017?

Approve users so their comments will automatically be approved. View your hidden users. Comments from hidden users will never show up on your channel. You can hide users directly from their comments on your videos.

Can i hide my youtube channel?

You can hide content from your YouTube channel and choose to re-enable it later. Hiding your channel will make channel name, videos, likes, subscriptions, and subscribers private. All your comments and replies will be permanently deleted. Your account data on other Google properties will not be removed.

Can i hide views on youtube?

How to hide youtube subscribers count 2018? look for the video manager and press “edit”. look for the “Advanced settings” tab ( should be after the monetization tab). there is a check box where you can choose whether to show or not show view counts. hide specific channel recommendations youtube?
  • You can easily block certain YouTube channels and remove recommended channels if you are not interested in watching videos from that channel. Once you have blocked YouTube channels, you won’t be seeing any video of that channel on the home screen of your YouTube account.
Does youtube hide comments with links?

YouTubers can now automatically block spam comments that include links… From here, the YouTuber can either approve the comment, report it as spam, or just simply hide it.

Hide bottom bar on when youtube?
  • 1. Open a new tab in Chrome.
  • 2. Right-click the Bookmarks space and then select Add page….
  • 3. Name the new tab like hide youTube bar or something else.
  • 4. Copy the following to the box next to URL: javascript: (function () {var goaway=".ytp-chrome-top,.ytp-chrome-bottom {display:none;}";if ("\\v"=="v") ...
  • 5. Click the Save button.
How do you hide youtube videos?
  • To hide liked videos from the public: Go to YouTube Click on your user icon at the top right of the window then click on the cog icon (YouTube settings) Click ‘Privacy’ and place a tick next to ‘Keep all my Liked Videos and Liked Playlists private’ While you’re there, I suggest you also tick ‘Keep all my subscriptions private’
How to hide subscribe on youtube?
  • How to Hide Subscriptions on YouTube Open your Favorite Browser. Go to Click Sign in Button at the Top Right Corner of the Page. Enter Your Email address and password. Click Sign in… (more items) See More....
How to hide youtube channel subscribers?

Generally, people hide their subscribers when they don’t have many subscribers on their youtube channel, I also do the same for my channel until the first 200 subscribers. Well, I suggest you hide subscribers only if you don’t have many subscribers on youtube and if you got enough subscribers 100-200 then unhide subscriber count.

How to hide youtube player bar?

Press Ctrl+M to hide or show the YouTube video player controls.

Youtube can you hide watched videos?

YouTube offers no controls to remove watched or bland videos from your list of subscriptions, or the new channel listing on your start page. The userscript YouTube Tweak changes this by adding delete buttons to those listings so that you can remove videos from the listing to hide them from view.

Does youtube track what you watch?

When you are logged in to your Google Account, YouTube keeps a running list of everything you watch on the site for a few reasons… When you are not signed in to a Google Account, YouTube may still keep track of the clips you watched on a specific computer or device.

What app to watch youtube tv?

Stream YouTube TV to your TV using Google Chromecast, TVs with Chromecast built-in like Android TV, AirPlay for Apple TV, or Google Smart Displays.

What are watch hours on youtube?

Metrics to know

ImpressionsHow many times your thumbnails were shown to viewers on YouTube through registered impressions.
Watch time (hours)The amount of time viewers have watched your video.
Watch time from impressionsWatch time that originated from impressions for the selected date range.
What are youtube video watch pages?

Understand different subscriber sources

YouTube watch pageSubscriptions from the subscribe button on video watch pages.
Other YouTube channelSubscriptions from other channels that feature your channel.
Interactive featuresSubscriptions from interactive features on your videos, such as end screens, or video watermarks.
What can i watch on youtube?

Nowadays, just about anything. There is a wide variety of videos on Youtube.

What do millennials watch on youtube?

Social Media Video Habits

They prefer Instagram and YouTube. In fact, in the past year, 70% of millennials watched YouTube to learn how to do something new or learn more about something they're interested in. 45% say a YouTuber inspired them to make a personal change in their life. What do people watch on youtube?

Check out the results below:

  • Music videos are still at the top. Music is still the most-watched video format on YouTube…
  • Gamers come second. Video games are insanely popular and gamers on YouTube enjoy widely viewed channels…
  • Beauty Vloggers round out the top three…
  • How-To and Kid Channels are not to be ignored.
What do seniors watch on youtube?

Here are our top ten YouTube channels for older adults.

  • Tricia Cusden – Look Fabulous For Older Women…
  • Tim Rowett – Grand Illusions…
  • ElderGym Fitness for Seniors…
  • Kevin and Lill…
  • The Angry Grandpa…
  • National Geographic…
  • Postmodern Jukebox…
  • Cyber-Seniors Corner.
What does youtube watch page mean?

Here, views from the YouTube watch page (purple) are really high and to help bring viewers to watch more of their channel, this creator could make playlists or add a card guiding the audience to...

What happened to youtube watch later?

Over the past few days, the Watch Later button has mysteriously disappeared from YouTube on desktop. Thankfully, it's not an intentional, permanent change. For those not familiar, YouTube's desktop site features a small button on each video thumbnail that appears when you hover your cursor over the video.

What is the youtube watch page?

YouTube Watch Page: The video was watched on YouTube from the video's specific page. It's the exact URL where you can watch the video on YouTube. YouTube Channel Page: These are views directly on a channel page (ex:

What is watch hours on youtube?

Watch time (or audience retention, as it's popularly called in YouTube analytics) is the total amount of time in aggregate that viewers spend watching your videos… The higher your watch time, the more likely YouTube will promote your channel through search and recommended videos.