Can i create playlist on youtube channel?

Camille Littel asked a question: Can i create playlist on youtube channel?
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Under the video, click the “Add to” button. (The three lines and a plus symbol.) From the dropdown menu, choose, “+ Create new playlist.” Choose the channel privacy settings: public, unlisted, or private.

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Select a playlist such as Watch later, or a playlist you've already created, or click Create new playlist. If you create a playlist, enter a playlist name. If you create a playlist, enter a playlist name.

Add Playlists to your YouTube Channel Page Tutorial - YouTube.

Creating a playlist is a similar process in the YouTube Android, iPhone, and iPad apps. You’ll need to first open an appropriate video and then tap the “Save” button under it. By default, YouTube will add this to your most recently created playlist, or the “Watch Later” playlist if you have no other playlists available.

It is about time we discuss all the tips that can help you manage YouTube playlists in the most effective way possible. 8 Tips and Tricks on How to Create a YouTube Playlist. Like using all the tips to manage your YouTube channel and YouTube videos, you also need to know all about your YouTube playlist. 1. Tell a Story

Setting Up Your YouTube Channel: How and Why to Create Playlists 1) Add Videos to a YouTube Playlist. Navigate to the video you would like to add to a playlist and click the “add to”... 2) Manage YouTube Playlists Select “Playlists” from the left side of the video manager to bring up a list of ...

You can create as many playlist as you possibly encourages it because it helps keeps people on their platform.

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