Can i advertise on a specific youtube channel?

Nick Kilback asked a question: Can i advertise on a specific youtube channel?
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  • YouTube allows advertisers to target specific video clips and specific video channels with text, image and rich media-based adverts. YouTube is part of Google, so you will need a Google AdWords account to place the ad on your preferred YouTube channels.

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The Google Algorithm decides when to show a particular ad in YouTube. As you are part of the specific network as the target audience, watching more videos on Youtube might show you the ad you are looking for. Furthermore, if you remember few details of the ad then you can search for it online and watch it. 1.6K views

Link Your YouTube Channel With Google Ads Before you can start a YouTube video ad campaign, you need to link your YouTube channel to Google Ads. To do this, open up Google Ads and click Tools & Settings in the top right of the screen. From there, go to Setup > Linked Accounts.

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