Can i add a paypal link to youtube videos?

Tamara Rohan asked a question: Can i add a paypal link to youtube videos?
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When you link PayPal to Google Pay, you can rent or buy movies on YouTube without entering payment details. You can also use PayPal to subscribe to YouTube's premium subscription service, YouTube Red, and have monthly payments auto-deducted.

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Here are a couple of tips.. Invite your viewers to go to your about page and click on the “donate to my channel” link. Alternatively add a paypal donate link in the description below your video. Now you know how to add a PayPal Donate Link to your YouTube Channel.

Learn how to easily add a PayPal payment button to your website. Your business needs are unique and PayPal offers a variety of payment buttons for different ...

You can offer freelance services and once complete, submit a PayPal invoice via email to your client and you will have your cash for the skills-based work. Another option is to earn cash with YouTube and create your own video content weekly.

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