Can disk drill recover programs?

Roosevelt Hickle asked a question: Can disk drill recover programs?
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Disk Drill is a free file recovery software with data backup. It is ready to become your trusted hard drive recovery software in any scenario: accidental data deletion, emptied Recycle Bin, virus attack, lost or inaccessible partition, power failure etc.


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💻 How can i recover uninstall programs?

  • Now, you can follow the below steps to recover uninstalled programs easily. Step 1: Download and Install FonePaw Data Recovery Step 2: Choose Data Type to Scan Step 3: Scan for Program Original Files Step 4: Restore an Uninstalled Program on Windows Step 1: Hit Start and type "restore" in the searching bar, and then choose "Create a restore point".

💻 How to recover programs and files from windows?

  • The Migration Kit will automatically detect the old installation. Confirm the selection, and press Next. If you want to only recover some of the programs, or some of the files, use the Advanced menu to select which ones you want. If you want to just recover everything, simply click Next to continue.

💻 How to convert dynamic disk to basic disk using software?

  • Download and install this software on your computer.
  • Open the software.
  • Select the target dynamic disk.
  • Click Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic from the left action panel.
  • Preview the conversion effect and click Apply to keep the change.

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