Best youtube channels when bored?

Mossie Krajcik asked a question: Best youtube channels when bored?
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Youtube Channels to Binge-Watch When You're Bored

  • What Would You Do? 5.68M subscribers. Subscribe…
  • Defunctland. 989K subscribers. Subscribe…
  • Architectural Digest. 4.48M subscribers. Subscribe…
  • MsMojo. 4.18M subscribers. Subscribe…
  • Bright Sun Films. 1.03M subscribers. Subscribe.

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When you’re totally bored out of your mind, check out these 8 binge-worthy YouTube channels ranging from informative to soothing and beyond…. 1. Ashen’s Reviews. ashens realising that this is best idea he’s ever had. source: ashens/YouTube.

1. Buzzfeed Unsolved Network. This Youtube channel is full of interesting content such as conspiracy theories, stories about famous crimes, supernatural events, and much more. Each video primarily focuses on one subject or event while densely incorporating as many facts as possible, making the viewing experience lively and interesting.

National Geographic is a big name and this channel is filled with great big stuff to keep you occupied for hours too. It’s okay though cause it’s good for you.

It’s something one can appreciate at a time when unnecessary cursing or sex is being shown all over the place. Higa is the go-to YouTuber if you’re ever trying to watch web videos with younger people in your family, since a line of explicitness is never crossed. Also, he’s kind of a master of puns and wordplay. 7.

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