Are facebook lists public?

Flossie McKenzie asked a question: Are facebook lists public?
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By default, your friends list is public, so anyone with a Facebook account can see who you're connected to. You can even hide your friends list from specific people, while leaving the list visible to the rest of your friends.


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💻 Did facebook get rid of lists?

According to Facebook's message, Friend List Feed are shutting down on August 9, 2018 — which is today… “While people won't be able to view custom feeds from lists of friends, they'll still be able to create and edit friends lists, and share just to these audiences whenever they post to Facebook.

💻 How do custom lists work on facebook?

  1. Sign in to Facebook on a computer…
  2. Select Create List.
  3. Name the list and begin typing the names of friends you want to add to the list. Facebook automatically suggests friends as you begin typing their names.
  4. Select Create when you are finished adding friends to the list.

💻 How do i find lists on facebook?

  1. From your News Feed, click Friend Lists in the left menu. If you don't see it, click See More.
  2. Click to open a list. You can also click + Create List to create a new one.

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Something that’s public can be seen by anyone on Facebook, including people who aren’t your friends. What is public information on Facebook? | Facebook Help Center Help Center

Facebook today released a new feature under the name of “Lists”. As they point out since TechCrunch, this function will allow users of the social network to post to-do lists with things to do, which will appear in the feed in a public way for the rest of the people.

Privacy: Everything you share on Facebook is visible to them (unless a certain list is explicitly excluded) News Feed: Updates from members of such lists do no appear more frequently or less frequently than other friends. Acquaintances. This list is not meant to protect privacy. It is meant to refine your News Feed.

How to Make Your Friends List Private on Facebook? Go to your profile page and find the “Friends” link. Click the edit (pencil-like) button on the right side and then “Edit Privacy.” Choose “Only Me” from the drop-down menu if you don’t want anyone to see your friends but you. There are other ...

Follower lists are public information in this instance. For example, let’s take Luke Plunkett, who is a senior editor at Kotaku. His profile is here, and you can see he is followed by around 1,200 people. When you click that list, you see this screen, which shows you the names of the people who follow Luke.

Check an Individual to check on the “Restricted” List: If you utilize the restricted list on Facebook, to prevent a friend from seeing any non-public postings… then you will want to view one of...

1. Open Facebook and sign into your account. 2. Tap your profile picture. 3. Tap the downward arrow next to the post you want to change. 4. Tap Edit Privacy. 5. Tap Public.

Our Commerce Policies explain what types of things can't be sold on Facebook.

At the end of July in a column entitled “Forward Together,” I articulated the core values of North Branch Area Public Schools (NBAPS); Positive Relating, Mission Focusing, Mobilizing Others, Results Focusing, and Multiplying Impact. We are committed to living these values in all aspects of our everyday work.

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Are facebook recommendations public?

You can also add images to your recommendation on the Facebook mobile app. All recommendations are posted to the Reviews tab of the business' Facebook page. All recommendations are public and cannot be set to private.

Are facebook stories public?

To make a Facebook Story public, first tap on the Add To Story button on the home screen, and post a photo or video… Open “Edit Story Settings” and change from “Friends” to “Public.” All your existing Facebook Stories from the last 24 hours, plus any you share from then on, will be publicly visible to anyone.

Is facebook marketplace public?
  • Facebook recently launched its marketplace to the public, taking on the likes of ebay, Gumtree, and Craigslist. Whether it will succeed in a crowded market is yet to be decided but if you are curious about how to use it, follow our step by step guide and you should have your first item for sale on Facebook in no time.
Can you still create lists of friends on facebook?

You can create lists to organize your friends and post updates for specific people on Facebook.

How do i access my friend lists on facebook?
  • Once you've clicked Friend Lists, you'll be taken to a dedicated page with all of your friend lists. By default, Facebook provides you with three basic lists: Close Friends, Acquaintances and Restricted. You can also simply visit to access your lists directly.
What are facebook interest lists and how do they work?
  • If your Facebook profile is connected to your professional endeavors, your interest lists may include both personal and business interests. Interest lists give you the ability to organize your "liked" pages into handy categories. You can subscribe to lists others have created as well as share your own lists.
Are facebook group events public?

Group Management for Admins. Join and Interact with Groups. Resources for Page Admins. Fix a Problem. Events. Create and Manage an Event. View and Respond to Events. Fundraisers and Donations. Creating a Fundraiser.

Are facebook life events public?

Public Events. If it's a public event, only friends and hosts can see if you're interested or going. They may see your status in a News Feed post, notification, on the Event page itself or in the Events section of your profile. You can control the visibility of your response on the Event page.

Are facebook marketplace messages public?

Facebook marketplace messages are private. Facebook claims that a private discussion in Messenger is end-to-end encrypted and intended just for you and the seller you're dealing with.

Are facebook pages always public?

Select the boxes next to the privacy options you want. If you want to make your page open to as many people as possible, lower the age restrictions and delete any country restrictions. Also check...

Are facebook photos public domain?

While some content may be strictly controlled, the majority of content is simply posted as "public." According to Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, any image posted with the Public setting carries the implicit acknowledgment that said photo is available for access and use by anyone -- including ...

Are stories on facebook public?

Page stories are public. When you share to your Page's story, it will show up for your Page's followers in the Stories section at the top of News Feed. Followers can click your Page's story to see it. Your story will also appear in the right column of your Page. Keep in mind:

Is facebook a public company?

It's a private company.

Is facebook a public stock?
  • Although Facebook is now a publicly traded company, that has no affect on how it treats your data and privacy. In no way does it mean your information on Facebook is publicly traded — it just means that you are able to buy a share of the company on the stock market.
What is facebook public search?
  • Tonight, Facebook launches a “public listing search” which allows anyone to search for a specific person. The company says that the information being revealed through these listings is minimal and much less than the information available to someone logged into the Facebook network.
When did facebook become public?
  • Facebook, Inc. ( NASDAQ : FB) went public with its initial public offering (IPO) on May 18, 2012. With a peak market capitalization of over $104 billion, the social networking company had one of the largest and most anticipated IPOs in history.
Why did facebook go public?

The key reason Facebook is going public is because of an antiquated Securities and Exchange Commission rule from 1964 that says that any private company with more than 500 "shareholders of record...

Are birthday posts public on facebook?

Privacy Settings

Facebook gives you the option to make your birthday visible not only to your friends, but to the friends of your friends, and even to everybody who happens upon your profile.

Are check ins public on facebook?

Keep in mind that when you Check In, the Check In is a Public update which can be viewed not only by your friends, but by anyone one Facebook. Because a Check In is a type of status update in connection with a Page, and since all Page activity is Public, your Check In is Public.

Are cover photos on facebook public?
  • Now, as your current Facebook Cover Photo will be public, you can still go through each of your older Cover Photos and make them visible to friends only or only you. This will essentially make your cover photo album private.
Are pictures on facebook public domain?

The photos are now viewable by the public. That's what published means. No form of publication removes the copyright protections from photos (or books, TV shows, music,etc.) Just because you have free access does not mean you can copy the photos or redistribute them. Same from TV shows and music on the radio.

Are visitor posts on facebook public?

Granted, the users post is public by nature (otherwise, it wouldn't show up on a Page's Visitor Posts section) but still, a user may not be fully aware of this. They also may not be aware that you're going to amplify his/her post in such a way.

Do hashtags make facebook posts public?

If you use a hashtag in a post you share to a Public audience, and allow people to follow you, your post will appear on your public profile and in that hashtag's feed.

How to change facebook public post?
  • Find the post you want to make shareable and click the three dots in the upper right corner. In the little pop up menu, click "Edit Post." Click the three dots and then "Edit Post." Melanie Weir/Business Insider At the bottom of the post pop-up, next to the "Save" button, click the drop-down menu to bring up the post's privacy settings. More items...
How to create facebook public group?
  • Come up with an original idea for a group.
  • Login to Facebook or create an account if you don't have one yet.
  • Type some key words for your group idea in the "Search" box in the left hand column…
  • then Click "Info" from your profile.
  • Scroll to the bottom…
  • Click "Create a group" at the top of that page.
  • Give your group a name…