90 day fiance season 1 where are they now youtube?

Bret Schmeler asked a question: 90 day fiance season 1 where are they now youtube?
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With Yamir Castillo, Amy Frishmuth, Danny Frishmuth, Jason Hitch. Ten months after tying the knot, four couples from Season 2 are back to share the current status of their relationship. Each pair reminisces on their 90-Day Fiancé experience and gets us up to

💻 90 day fiance where are they now season 2 youtube?

"90 Day Fiancé Season 7 - Michael & Juliana" REVIEW/REACTION🔥🔥🔥Subscribe and join the Sauce Squadron! 🔥🔥🔥🚨Stay Active & Turn Post Notifications On 🚨I...

💻 90 day fiance where are they now youtube 2017?

90 Day Fiancé has been showing us long-distance relationships featuring K-1 visa for 6 years already! Successful marriage reality show created by TLC gave bi...

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Where are the 90 Day Fiance stars from season 1 now? The season that started it all had a few memorable couples, and some that just didn't work.The season that sparked the franchise left fans with an impression that was hard to kick, thanks to some of the couple’s drama.

With Alan Cox, Kirlyam Cox, Aziza Eloshway, Mike Eloshway. Ten months after tying the knot, three couples from Season 1 are back to share the current status of their relationship. Each pair reminisces on their 90-Day Fiancé experience and gets us up to speed on "Where Are They Now."

RELATED: 90 Day Fiancé's Before The 90 Days: Where Are They Now? Shane and Lacey eventually decided to get married, but the wedding bliss didn't last for very long. Shane revealed that he had been unfaithful to Lacey at one point, and Lacey lost her mind over it. She temporarily ended up back in John's arms.

Find out what Russ and Paola, Alan and Kirlyam, Louis and Aya, and Mike and Aziza are really up to.-Russ and Paola 2019-Alan and Kirlyam 2019-Louis and Aya 2...

Ahead of the Season 7 premiere, let's catch up with the TLC show's past stars — all 32 couples! Take a look in the gallery below to see where the Season 1 cast is now and who is still together ...

Paola and Russ are perhaps the most active social media users from the 90 Day Fiancé season 1 clan. Engineer Russ met aspiring model and personal trainer Paola in Colombia before she moved to America and struggled with his conservative parents. In 2014, Paola and Russ moved to Miami from Oklahoma and after suffering a miscarriage, gave birth to son Axel on New Year’s Day, January 2019.

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