62304 software will always fail?

Myron Kilback asked a question: 62304 software will always fail?
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💻 Why does the unifi controller software always fail?

In some cases, the UniFi controller failed to start as there are temporary software glitches caused by conflicting processes. To fix this issue, you can try ending all UniFi-related processes in Task Manager. Close the UniFi controller software, and then follow the steps below: Step 1.

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Will my medical device software fail? Medical device software maintenance. Maintaining medical device software requires the same level of care and attention... Software update requirements. Having reconciled ourselves to the idea that software updates are going to be required and... Mitigating ...

💻 Software to detect when ssd will fail?

To detect any symptoms of wear and tear in an SSD, you must rely on its software interface. As stated earlier on, an SSD does not have mechanical components in motion. Therefore, even if it’s close to its failure, don’t expect to hear some funny noise.

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In the case of software failures generated by defects, the probability of defects is unknown. The purpose of IEC 62304 is to decrease the probability with more strigent development methods according to the class of software. Risks related to these software failures, however, will still be present.

Now two possibilities: a) if we treat Thermal Cutout as extremely reliable and has 1 in 1000000 failure rate, then the answer is No, so according to Figure 3, our software is class A. b) if we treat Thermal Cutout to be reasonable reliable e.g. 1 in 1000 failure rate, then the answer is Yes so go to 4)

You need to do the following if you choose to use IEC 62304: there must be tests cases for the software requirements; you need to manage issues found during testing; you need to do regression tests after changes; you need verify that the testing approach is good (e.g. that there is a complete and documented traceability to software requirements)

The IEC 62304 medical device software standard (“Medical device software—Software life cycle processes”) is comprised of five processes in five chapters (5-9): 5 – Software Development Process = this is the main process that SW groups are focused on and includes all the key aspects of development from planning and requirements to ...

This is one area where IEC 62304 is weakly structured: if a serious incident occurred and the cause found that Feature B interfered with Feature A, there is no record required by the standard which clearly identifies the responsible person that decided not to re-test Feature A again in V1.0.1.4.

For medical devices containing software, the software must be developed according to IEC 62304. The processes put forth by IEC 62304 are really established best practices in the software industry, most of which can be followed for both medical and non-medical projects. The standard does not prescribe a particular life cycle model or ...

We have already mentioned two pitfalls in agile software development for medical products: The document approvals are not done in a IEC 62304 compliant way or increase rather than decrease the overhead. The software architecture is retrospectively or poorly developed and / or documented.

The wording of BS EN 62304 has contributed to wide-spread concern about how to handle the probability of software failure and treatment of risks, if probability of failure should be considered at 100%. This stems from the guidance wording in Annex B 4.3 that states:

One of the more controversial requirements of IEC 62304 is the probability of failure of medical device software during Risk Analysis. EN 62304:2006 paragraph 4.3 “Software Safety Classification” states “If the HAZARD could arise from a failure of the SOFTWARE SYSTEM to behave as specified, the probability of such failure shall be assumed to be 100 percent.”

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There are numerous reasons why a development team would be given an arbitrary project completion deadline. The unfortunate reality of an overzealous schedule often results in overstaffing the...

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According to Pemeco Consulting, the core team not having enough time is one of the main reasons why ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software implementation fails. The adaption can take from a few weeks up to a few years (depending on the size of your company and the complexity of the software).

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