62 percent of youtube users are?

Fiona Stracke asked a question: 62 percent of youtube users are?
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Frequency of YouTube use in the United States as of 3rd quarter 2020

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As of the third quarter of 2020, it was found that 62 percent of YouTube users in the United States accessed the video platform on a daily basis. Overall, 92 percent of responding YouTube audiences...

• 62 percent of YouTube users are male and 38 percent are female. • 11 percent of YouTube users are 18-24, 23 percent are 25-34, 26 percent are 35-44, 16 percent are 45-54, 8 percent are 50-64, and 3 percent are 65+. The age of 14 percent of YouTube users is unknown.

About 62% of American users access YouTube daily. That means 122 million people stateside watch content on the platform every day, according to YouTube audience demographics data. Overall, it’s estimated that the US has 197 million YouTube users.

YouTube has 2 billion monthly users. YouTube is the OG of the video content world. Launched back in 2005 (on Valentine’s Day), YouTube now has over 1 billion unique users every month.To put that in perspective, half

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