46256 zip code map?

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ZIP code 46256 has a small percentage of vacancies. The Census also indicates that there are one or more nursing homes and universities nearby. The majority of household are owned or have a mortgage. Homes in ZIP code

Map the boundaries of this ZIP Code and others on any map platform. Load ZIP Code Map ZIP Code 46256 2010 Census Demographics Current Population: 23,683 2010 Population: 23,647 Households per ZIP Code: 10,021 ...

Zip Code 46256 is located in the state of Indiana in the Indianapolis metro area. Zip code 46256 is primarily located in Marion County. Portions of 46256 are also located in Hamilton County. The official US Postal Service name for 46256 is INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana.

View 46256 ZIP Code Map, Indianapolis, IN on Google Maps Skip to content Menu Map Tools County Lines City Limits Civil Townships ZIP Codes Section Township Range Elevation Historical U.S. Counties Time Zones What ZIP ...

The ZIP code 46256 is located in Marion County, state of Indiana and is one of more than 42,000 ZIP Codes in the country. What do the digits of the 46256 ZIP Code mean? The first digit designates the general area of the United States. The numbering starts from zero for the Northeast and increases upto nine as you move west.

46256 Zip Code Map & Detailed Profile 46256 Zip Code Summary 46256 zip is located in Indianapolis, Indiana Latitude: 39.90431

46256 Indianapolis, IN Claim this business Favorite Share More Directions Sponsored Topics Indianapolis Hotels Indianapolis Restaurants Description Legal Help 46256, IN × Show Labels SATELLITE MAP ...

Here's the list of 9-digit zip code for 46256 ZIP Code.Click to find more information, including detail address, record type, range etc. ZIP Code 5 Plus 4. Address. 46256-0001. PO BOX 56001 (From 56001 To 56008 ) , INDIANAPOLIS, IN. 46256-0009. 9860 WESTPOINT DR #500, INDIANAPOLIS, IN. 46256-0010. 7340 SHADELAND STA #150, INDIANAPOLIS, IN.

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