20 youtube comments that are actually funny?

Susan Hermann asked a question: 20 youtube comments that are actually funny?
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💻 Buzzfeed youtube comments that are actually funny?

"SNL" Poked Fun At The Creation Of Man, And They Exposed Some Serious "Design Flaws" In Men "The nipples are to create the illusion of a giant face to scare off predators." Morgan Sloss

💻 26 youtube comments that will actually make you laugh?

26 YouTube Comments That Will Actually Make You Laugh. “It’s 3 a.m. I don’t even have dreads. What am I doing here?”. views. 1. The truth about Miley Cyrus. 2. The scariest moment of your life.

💻 Who actually comments on youtube?

With the new timed comments beta feature we are finally able to see who actually commented first on a video, I don’t know about you but i would say this is a absolute win Discussion 1 comment

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Daily Memes that are Actually Funny #20Welcome to Dumbas's videos! We are here to make your day better!If you liked it, please subscribe!Daily new & funny da...

TIKTOKS that are actually funny - YouTube. TIKTOKS that are actually funny. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

List of the 45 Funniest Compliments. Last Updated: February 22, 2021. Whether you are a girl or a guy, one of these funny compliments may be the hilarious, awkward or weird conversation starter you need. Use these funny expressions to make somebody laugh whilst at the same time giving them a compliment to make them feel good about themselves.

28 People Who Totally 'Nailed It' or 'Failed It'. 25 Extremely Funny Youtube Comments. 33 People Who Totally "Nailed It!" 35 Times People Totally 'Nailed It'. Top 25 YouTube Comments of 2014. Internet Comments That Hit The Nail On The Head. 24 Clever YouTube Comments. The Best Internet Clap-backs and Comments.

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Youtube music videos that are funny?

The 10 funniest music videos ever made

  • Beastie Boys - Sabotage…
  • Weezer - Pork And Beans…
  • Tenacious D - Tribute…
  • Supergrass - Pumping On Your Stereo…
  • OK Go - Here It Goes Again…
  • Blur - Parklife…
  • The Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch…
  • Blink-182 - What's My Age Again?
Why can't youtube actually sort comments by top?

The top comment might have 100 points, and one with 1000 points might be much lower.

A family that does youtube videos that are funny?

Hey Adventurers!In today's adventure we prank each other with some family fun kid friendly pranks that has become one of our fan favorite skits. We love to h...

Funny statuses facebook will get comments?

Funny Facebook statuses that will get comments I solemnly swear to you that I will not repeat that mistake. When I repeat my actions, again, I will declare myself to... One woman told me I was insane. The lady still loves me even though I’ve experienced a variety of bizarre situations. Just then, ...

Are comments actually gone when you delete them youtube?

All the comments you have ever made get deleted. Unlike the other changes, this deletion is permanent. It is enough to keep your channel hidden for a few minutes. When you re-enable it, all your past comments will be gone.

Funny youtube videos that will make you laugh?

YOU WILL NEVER FORGET THIS VIDEO. It's to funny for everybody. What is your favourite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation and try to stay serious ,please ...

Youtube funny videos that will make you cry?

These babies will make your day better. They are so funny and cute and they can do really funny stuff unintentionally :D So ridiculous, funny and cute! What ...

Youtube videos that are actually scary cracked?

Here are what we consider the most eerily convincing videos in the genre.* *Note: Science has found zero empirical evidence for the existence of ghosts, aliens, demons or any other supernatural creatures, and these videos will surely not fool an expert in video fakery. Unless he or she watches them alone, late at night, in the dark.

What does the dislike button on youtube comments actually do?

If you’re on YouTube, you’re either a creator (like us), or a content consumer (or both). Whichever the case may be, we are certain you are very familiar with the Dislike button, and how it ...

Android youtube app comments that are blank?

Open the Android Settings app . Tap Apps & notifications. Tap Notifications. Find and tap YouTube. Toggle on or off. Note: The will now show up on all YouTube channels you’re subscribed to as a way...

Comments that will get likes on youtube?

Why Should You Buy YouTube Comment Likes? As you gain more and more YouTube comment likes, your comments are carried higher in the comments sections, reaching to more and more people reading comments, thus giving your channel more visibility.

Comments that will get subs on youtube?

UtubeHits: #1 Free Youtube Views, Likes, Subscribers & Comments. Register. Exchange views, likes, subscribers, comments and earn credits. Get views, likes, subscribers & comments for each credit you earn. Join us. Real views. Get real views for your videos. Grow your chance of going viral! Quality Subscribers. Free YouTube Subscribers ...

Funny youtube ideas?

11.2 funny YOUTUBE VIDEO ideas • outtakes Feature an outtake video. If you make enough videos, chances are you’ve got some good bloopers. Cut them into a video. 11.3 FUNNY YOUTUBE VIDEO IDEAS • comedy skits Make a comedy sketch. Read up on the art of good sketch comedy or just grab some friends and act out a funny scenario.

Is youtube funny?

Lots of people on it are funny, but others can be boring. It just depends on who you watch. Try watching ijustine or ndtitanlady.

Good channels on youtube that are super funny reddit?

What are some Youtube channels everyone should check out? The Great War. It goes through the events of WW1 exactly 100 years later week by week. It's amazing, I finally caught up this month after finding the channel last August.

Can i see youtube comments that i liked?

How do I see YouTube comments I've liked? Step 1: Click on profile Step 2: Click on your data in YouTube

Funny youtube videos that will make you pee your pants?

Kiddos are simply awesome :D They can make you laugh any time of day. These videos are so funny that I bet you will pee your pants from laughing! The hardest...

Are there people that actually buy movies on youtube?

Are there people that actually buy movies on YouTube? Close. 4. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Are there people that actually buy movies on YouTube? Just asking, because they are so many cheaper ways, and I’ve never heard of someone buying a movie on YouTube, and it has neither crosses my mind.

Is there actually a youtube glitch that unsubscribes you?

This is a delightfully new issue. Me (and many many other Youtube creators big and small): “You're unsubscribing people from our videos… Youtube: “We're not unsubscribing people from channels. There is no glitch.”

Funny kids on youtube?

Kids and toddlers always have to say something funny, kids say the darndest things

Funny videos are youtube?

Best of funny videos! Funny videos for everyone! You will laugh so hard that you will roll on the floor! Super hard TRY NOT TO LAUGH challenge! From fails, f...

Facebook quotes that are real funny?

Funny & Real Quotes. 3,577 likes. I hope you enjoy the real and funny things shared on my page thanks!

Can you delete youtube comments that others replied to?

You can delete comments that you've made on other people's videos. You can delete comments that others have made on your videos. You can remove comments that others have made by reporting them. If the comment gets enough votes, it will be removed. You cannot delete multiple comments at once. You cannot delete comments made before YouTube was bought by Google (October 2006).

Can you review comments that are blocked on youtube?
  • No. Comments from hidden users don’t show in YouTube Studio. Can I review comments that are blocked for specific words or links? Yes. Comments with blocked words or links can be reviewed and approved on your Comments page, under the “Held for review” tab. If I turn comments off and back on again, do my old comments come back? Yes.
Games that are actually spyware?

Proof of this is a recent report made by The New York Times which mentions some mobile apps and games are actually listening into what we’re seeing on TV to give us ads. According to this report, apps like Honey Quest, Beer Pong, Pool 3D, among others use a software provided by Alphonso.