1 lakh youtube views how much we get?

Dan Greenholt asked a question: 1 lakh youtube views how much we get?
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Considering all these, you will get approximately 30 dollars to 40 dollars for 1 Lakh views on YouTube and its 0.3 dollars for 1K Views. So, earning money from Youtube is not that easy as people think. But if you create viral content with quality, you will get more money in the long run.

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How Much We get for 1 Lakh Views 🤑 on YouTube [🔴LIVE PROOF] Full Details Explained in this Video #youtube_earningsHow YouTube Ads Working on YouTube :- htt...

On an average after watching and sniffing around several popular you-tuber income's we came out with an on an average sum which the you-tuber gets on there 1 Lakhs views per month is about basically per 1000 views they gets 1$ that is about 66–67 Rs. So for 1 Lakhs views they get about 5000–6000Rs approximately.

With the new change, users will start seeing view counts displayed in lakhs and crores instead of the previous millions and billions. For example, if a video on YouTube has 10 lakh views it means...

Let’s get started on how to change the view count on YouTube. Tip: For the unaware, 1 Lakh = 100k, 10 Lakhs= 1 million, and 1 Crore = 10 million. How to Change YouTube View Count on Android

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